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About Iscario Computer

Iscario Computer offers bespoke Information and Communications Technology consultancy services to organisations in and around Melbourne, Australia, and worldwide.

From its Australian offices located close to Victoria’s Surf Coast, Iscario Computer serves a variety of clients from local independent businesses to multinational corporations, across a wide range of business sectors including Petrochemicals, Automotive, Education, Environmental Engineering, Charities and Nonprofits, Finance and ICT.

Our clients value expertly tailored ICT solutions. Building and maintaining a productive and trusting partnership with every client is at the heart of Iscario Computer.

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Iscario Computer offers consultancy services covering the following broad service categories:


Formulating organizational goals for acquisition, governance, and utilization of Information and Communications Technologies to drive productivity.

Data Integrity

Promoting reliability for transmission and analysis of electronic information, focusing on resiliency, security, recovery, and regulatory compliance.


Design and implementation services for SME, larger enterprise networks, on-premises compute and storage servers, and public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.

Expertly tailored ICT solutions

Based in Geelong, close to Victoria's Surf Coast, delivering ICT consultancy services globally.

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